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Car rental in Tbilisi

Car rental in Tbilisiи

Gamardzhoba! That means, from the Georgian, hello, and means that you are in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. Georgia - an extraordinary country with centuries-old traditions, ancient history, in which live proud, but very hospitable and open-minded people. To begin your journey for Georgia is it with Tbilisi.

Tbilisi is the city's business in Georgia. Here are concentrated the company's headquarters. Therefore, if you are going to go to Tbilisi on business and get it all without service rental car in Tbilisi simply can not do. And so, you have landed in the main terminal building of Georgia, formerly known as Tbilisi Lochin. What's next??? Georgia's main transport are buses, sometimes not so comfortable. In addition, some services can only pay by credit card or need a travel card, which can be inconvenient for tourists. Not all stops are duplicated in English and in Russian says only a small proportion of people, especially the older generation, which is not very convenient. There is also a subway, a taxi service. But all this can be compared with if rent a car in Tbilisi with "open-top" that is convertible !! For a moment, imagine: you drive on mountain serpentine, enjoying nature and the fresh mountain air. Prices for car rental in Tbilisi are quite democratic 10 to $ 80 depending on the car lease term in Tbilisi, Georgia.

To order a car rental should be completed on-line order form of car rental on our website.

Limousine driving around here is not popular. Is very popular for rent jeeps (SUVs) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Large and massive. If you need to emphasize their status, then what's the point ??? Right in Tbilisi, in the office of our rental company, you can order a car to your own taste.

The distance from the terminal to the central street of Tbilisi, Rustaveli Avenue about 20 km from the railway station just over 25 km.

Driving into town, it is not clear to the architectural style of Tbilisi. Here and in panel houses since Soviet times, and the old two-storey houses, and large blocks of buildings constructed using innovative technologies. Wide avenues become the narrow streets. In general, a complete mishmash of styles. And all because the city was built and destroyed 40 times !! The first step is to visit Mount David, also called Mount Mtatsminda. From the mountain offers magnificent view of the city.

In the old part of the city there are sulfur baths. Rumor has it that the city was built around these baths. They were sung even the great poet Alexander Pushkin, "he has never met, I do Tiflis luxurious baths" Tiflis is the old name of Tbilisi By the way, in translation, Tbilisi means warm city (tbili - "warm") This name directly associated with the presence of warm sulfur springs in the city. These places must be visited.

We should also say that if you have friends in Georgia, do not rush to call them until they visit all the sights, ordered a rental car in Tbilisi. And you risk to spend the entire vacation in a feast.

A few kilometers north of Tbilisi is the Mtskheta city, former capital of Georgia, which is called the "second Jerusalem".

Samtavro monastery complex (the main church of the XI century) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is situated in Mtskheta. The greatest relic of the Christian world, Heaton Jesus Christ, kept in the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli. Truly a holy place for all Christians. Monuments of culture of the region are under the protection of UNESCO and are world heritage.

About Tbilisi can be a long talk, but it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, come to Tbilisi, take a rental car, and we promise you this journey will simply unforgettable. See you in Georgia, and as they say "shehvedramde".

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Our company offers car rental services in Tbilisi. And in Batumi and Kutaisi have our offices, but we are ready to provide on request a car hire not only in the cities mentioned by us, but also in other cities of Georgia.

If you are interested in the other car rental any Georgian city, please contact us, we will try to provide car rental at the desired city.

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