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Kutaisi car rental

What is aware of Kutaisi simple man? The town in Georgia ... Another thing avid travelers: "The cheapest way to get on the plane to Georgia." In fact, you can buy a ticket from 50 to 100 US dollars (the price depends on the season). For many travelers to the International Airport named after David the Builder Kutaisi and begins a journey across Georgia.

And, of course, you'll need to transport services.

The main transport Kutaisi are taxis. But I remind you that the car is in Georgia is not a luxury but a means of transportation. You think you rent a car in Kutaisi expensive? You just have not got acquainted with our prices.

Agree, nice when you arrive at the airport / railway station, and you with warmth and a real Caucasian hospitality manager meets and sends you a car for a few minutes. Rent a car in Kutaisi will always help.

Tired from a long trip - a shuttle service to Kutaisi at your service.

Kutaisi is located in Imereti region of Western Georgia.

When Imereti was separate from Georgia, namely in Kutaisi is the residence of the rulers and officials. At all times, this city as it attracted kings, rulers. In 2012, Kutaisi became the parliamentary capital of Georgia. That is why Kutaisi called the second largest city in Georgia.

Kutaisi city is relatively small. It is home to about 180 thousand people.

Driving to Kutaisi seems "untouched by the city." All as it was many years ago. The volume of investments in the city certainly less than in Tbilisi and Batumi. But maybe it's even better. Here you can feel the flavor of the Georgian capital's ambition is not spoiled.

Rustaveli Avenue is the main street of the city. South of Rustaveli Avenue, the funicular is located. Not far from the funicular you can find an old house of the kings of Imereti, known as Okros Chardahi.

To the north of the park on the street is the famous Paliashvili Kutaisi market. As the locals say: "In Kutaisi market you can buy everything you need, well that is not present in the market - that you do not need."

If you are still tired from the trip, in the streets of Queen Tamar, the length of which is just over a kilometer away, there are plenty of hotels, hotels with parking lots where you can park your car, rent, and nothing to worry about.

In the old place in Kutaisi on a hill located Ukemerion Bagrat Temple, built in 1003. In 1994, a temple inscribed on the UNESCO among the World Heritage sites.

If you decide to visit Georgia during the May holidays, need to say that in Kutaisi for many years in a row May 2, celebrating the city. On this day, festivals, folk festivals, and other, and know how to celebrate the Georgians. Do not believe me? Come and see for yourself.

Do not think that the Kutaisi - chaise city for travel. There a lot of interesting places of interest.

Kutaisi has a convenient geographical location, since you can choose any direction for future trips.

Travelling by car hiring in our company - it is always beneficial, convenient and comfortable.

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Rent a car in other cities in Georgia

Our company offers car rental services in Batumi. In the cities of Kutaisi and Tbilisi have our offices, but we are ready to provide on request a car hire not only in the cities mentioned by us, but also in other cities of Georgia.

If you are interested in the other car rental another city, contact us, we will provide a car rental at the desired city in Georgia.