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Car rental in Georgia

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Trade mark Lion car rental is happy to offer you car rental services in Georgia. Are you going to visit Georgia? Take care of your movement on the territory of the country in advance. Our company offers you car rental rental in Tbilisi, car rental in Kutaisi and car rental in Batumi, as well as you can order transfer services (travel) from Batumi, Tbilisi or Kutaisi to any other city of Georgia.

Specially for our customers, we chose one of the best and popular car deals. Lion car rental in Georgia is pleased to offer our customers new cars at a good price. We do not chase the profit and do not offer cars with 10-15 years of age. Our entire fleet is in excellent technical condition.

Every car is insured. Car traffic in Georgia is rather complicated. Here, is like in a large Turkish bazaar - the right one is that who went first or first hooted. Pedestrians are generally outlaw; nobody gives them way, even if they are in the middle of the road at a pedestrian crossing. Despite all the initial savagery of transport in Georgia, it is not difficult to drive here, so car rent in Georgia will not create any additional stresses for you. For the safety of our customers we provide car insurance, driver's liability and of course health insurance for the driver and passengers.

Our fleet is quite diverse, here you will find SUV, prestigious SUV and simple SUV, cabriolets from the most simple to luxury cars, economy class cars and ordinary average cars. In Georgia, most people prefer only 2 brands - Mercedes and BMW, which is due to small customs duties, and the opportunity to buy a used car cheaply.

Lion car rental has made even more affordable car rental in Georgia (Batumi, Kutaisi, Tbilisi and other cities) rental conditions are democratic, the fleet of cars is new.

To learn more about car rental in a particular city, go to the region's landing page:
1. Car rent in Tbilisi
2. Car rent in Batumi
3. Car rent in Kutaisi

Explore the fleet and prices for car rental in Georgia.

Car rental in Georgia

To order a car for rent it is necessary to fill in the on-line order form on our website.

Car rental in other cities of Georgia

Our company offers car rental services in Georgia. In Batumi, Kutaisi and Tbilisi there are our representative offices, but we are ready to rent a car not only in the cities indicated by us, but also in other cities of Georgia.

If you are interested to rent a car in another city, write to us, we will try to rent a car in the city you need.

Contact Lion car rental by phone (+995) 514-64-64-44 or by using the feedback form