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Car Rental in Batumi

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Rent a car, Batumi

We all heard that Georgia has made a real spurt. The country took the top places in the rating of economic freedom, ease of doing business. In Georgia, you can leave the car not closed for the night, even with the keys, but nobody will take it away. Some locals do not even close their apartments. Here bribes in police, education, state institutions aren’t taken. Well, as the holiday season is open, then welcome to the best Georgian resort of European Georgia - Batumi.

What does modern man know about Batumi? Nothing at all. But the older generation knows what a good resort it is since the times of the USSR. Everybody went to have a vocation in Sochi, Yalta, Sukhumi, and of course in Batumi.

Batumi - a resort on the Black Sea. . Here live about 150 thousand people, but every year comes more than a million tourists. At present, Batumi is a national project. The city has changed a lot in recent years. This is due to the fact that the Georgian government declared it a national scale project. Architects from all over the world were invited. Here began to appear such hotels as Radisson, Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt. Georgia Palace is the most expensive hotel in Georgia. Nobody can say that Batumi is a Soviet resort, now Batumi is, perhaps, the best resort on the Black Sea coast. If in this holiday season you do not want to go to the Crimea for any reason, welcome to Batumi!

The "transport issue" will become an actual question. With our company - car rental in Batumi is not a question.

To rent a car in Batumi does not require much time and nerves. Our managers will be able to fulfill all your wishes. You want to get a car at the airport – great! At the railway station or in any place you specify - easily. And if you want to taste real Georgian wine, and be mobile, at your service car rent in Batumi with a professional driver.

Most importantly, there is a sea here. Seaside Park is the main attraction of Batumi. The embankment runs almost to the border with Turkey. Walking along Batumi you feel such intoxicating freedom, relaxation, especially in the Old Town. The life of Old Batumi takes place on the street. Here, as well as many years ago, they put tables in the yard, play dominoes, drink wine, wash. Exactly in this area you can feel the true colors of Old Batumi.

If you are going to Batumi, you should book everything in advance. There are no rooms in hotels at the season time. The same goes for car rent in Batumi.

In Batumi there is a lot of sun and fragrant sea air.

There is practically no rain. But no worries. We provide car rental in Batumi only with air conditioning or climate control.

Concerning the sights. In Batumi the most beautiful sunsets in the world, the sun here sits in the sea exactly in the center and at sunset you can hear the hiss from the touch of the sun by the sea's smooth surface of the coast.

In the city there is an ancient fortress "Tamara" and an Orthodox church (the former Catholic cathedral).

In 2012, a pyramid was built of 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet in the form of cellular DNA, located in the Park of Miracles.

You should definitely rent a car in Batumi and visit the botanical garden in Mtsvane-Kontshi.

Well, and if you want water procedures, then welcome to the beaches of Sarpi! It is only 15 km from Batumi. It takes about 10 minutes by car. As the Georgians say, in Sarpi the cleanest sea and almost no people. Well, where else can you jump into the sea from a rock, if not in Sarpi?

You can also rent a car in Batumi, and go to the city of Borjomi, which is famous for its healing mineral water. The distance is just a bit over 250 km, and what sights of nature you will see along the route.

And still, if there is happiness in the world then it is here in Batumi!! See you in the new holiday season!!

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Car rental in other cities of Georgia

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