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Rent a car in the Crimea

Rent a car in the Crimea

Annually millions of tourists come to Crimea; it is a former union, and today an international health resort. Here you can meet people from all over the world, but of course the most of people here are the Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.

Today, the most convenient and fastest way you can get to the Crimea is an airplane. A large number of flights pass through the airport of Simferopol, which is especially noticeable over the past few years. Arriving at the airport we recommend you to rent a car here and start your journey.

Why should you use the car rental service in the Crimea?

  1. It is convenient - much more convenient than public transport.
  2. It's mobile and fast - no comments.
  3. This is beneficial - much more profitable than a taxi.

Every year Crimea is gaining increasing popularity and becoming one of the main resorts in Russia. Many people visit the peninsula to take a break from the gray routine or to quit business questions. In connection with the huge number of visitors, the car rental service in Crimea is developing more and more, because its main advantage is mobility and the ability to navigate the peninsula quickly and without any restrictions.

Only thanks to car rental you can visit the most interesting local attractions, appreciate the picturesque places of the Crimea and have time to solve your work issues on a business trip. Car rental service in the Crimea is aimed at those people who are used to rest and travel with comfort. It is much more convenient than regular trips in a crowded public transport, and much more economical than taxi services, that doesn’t even guarantee the same comfort that you get in a rented car.

If you are an active traveler and wish to receive a lot of positive emotions from traveling to the Pearl of the Black Sea, or you came on a business trip and want to look stylish in the eyes of your partners, then you on the right address. Our company offers its services on car rent in the Crimea at low prices. Thanks to us car rental has become an affordable service for any driver who cannot afford his own vehicle, as well as for car owners who for one reason or another cannot come to the peninsula by their car.

Using the services of our company, you will rid yourself of the need to adjust to the public transport schedule or spend a huge amount of money on a taxi, where driver overstates tariffs and blatantly earns on visitors. Traveling on a rented car in the Crimea, you have a great opportunity to compose your own itinerary for travel and do not spend money on group excursions and guides. The Crimea is very diverse, picturesque and unique, and only by car you can appreciate all its beauties.

With us you can rent a vehicle almost anywhere in the peninsula and go away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to distant and unexplored places with an unusual landscape, vegetation and climatic conditions. All these will allow you to see the unique diversity of the Pearl of the Black Sea.

First-class service, an individual approach, an extensive fleet of vehicles with modern, technically serviceable, stylish and insured cars from world-famous manufacturers of any class - all these you will receive at our car rental company in the Crimea. We are convinced that the car rental service should be accessible and maximally convenient for everyone, and our company specialists do everything necessary for this.

If you prefer comfort, reliability, safety, time and money saving and also maintenance of the European level at domestic prices - then contact us.

Car rent in the Crimea - more profitable with the Lion Company!

Sights of Crimea that you can visit on a rented car