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Rent a car in Yalta

Yalta is not just a resort town in the Crimea, the word Yalta has acquired some special meaning and sound. Despite the rather attractive view, a large number of fashionable hotels and an excellent promenade, this city is far from Monaco or Nice, but it is a kind of Nice, Monaco of our local spill, this is the meaning of the word Yalta in our heads.

The city of Yalta is famous for its embankment, although it is not that big, but the evening promenade is liked by wealthy businessmen, members of the government and parliament. What can I say, even if the famous comedy film "Gentlemen of Fortune" glorifies this city in the words of a thief who dreams of going to Yalta.

It is here, in Yalta festivals, concerts, rallies of various stars and other concert programs are held.

From the bad in Yalta, most likely a small city beach and the multiplicity of boats, yachts and ships that pollute the beach area. Most of those who rest here prefer to book a car rental in Yalta and go to less crowded places on the beach.

Car rental in Yalta with a driver can be ordered at every hotel, but car rental in Yalta without a driver is not so common, the service is carried out by companies from Simferopol, but this does not discomfort vacationers. After all, car rental companies that work steadily on the Crimean peninsula are ready to offer you new cars at an affordable price, check out our our car rental fleet and prices, and receive confirmation. Book a car rental in Yalta for a few hours and the car will be delivered to the address you specified, then be ready for the new adventures and enjoyment.

Our company offers car rental services on the Crimean peninsula.

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