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Rent a car in Sevastopol

Once a closed city, the pride of the fleet, the place of deployment and the military base of the Russian Navy. Today Sevastopol has a special status. All cars from Sevastopol have special license plates, which differ from license plates on the cars of the Crimea peninsula.

In Sevastopol, there is also a sea and a beach, but this city attracts less beach-tourists, more visitors come to look at the port, warships, and go on barges on the most beautiful and picturesque bays. Today there is a project to restore the closed status of the city of Sevastopol.

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Foreigners can also book a car in Sevastopol. Terms of car rental are the same for everyone. You will need a passport and a driving license. We will provide a car contract, a check for car rent payment in Sevastopol.

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Our company offers car rental services on the Crimean peninsula.

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