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Car rental in Kerch

Kerch city is in the east of the Crimea, at the moment the city has acquired great importance, today it is actually the gateway to the Crimea. If earlier, until 2014, the capital of the Crimea was Simferopol, and Kerch was just an addition, then after the events of 2014, Kerch became important if it did not become the first city of Crimea, then the second certainly, in the issue of the capacity of visitors.

Today in Crimea there are two main gates, these are air gates - Simferopol, and sea ones, through the ferry - Kerch. Simferopol has lost the role of the land gate, as the flow of rail and road transport through the mainland of Ukraine is suspended.

One of the services of our company is car rental in Kerch; it is a very convenient service that is used by hundreds of tourists who come to Crimea by land and sea, not by plane. Those who moved to the Crimea by ferry do not want to continue their journey by bus or minibus, order a car rental service in Kerch without a driver or a car rental service in Kerch, Crimea, with a driver.

The car can be delivered directly to the ferry, because right from the pier you can go on a trip by car. Renting a car in the Crimea and Kerch have their advantages, as you immediately become independent and can freely go without being tied to the timetable of public transport.

To order a car rental service in Kerch simply call us or fill in the order form in the fleet section and order a car in one click, you will get our feedback as soon as possible.

To rent a car you need a passport and driver's license and money to pay for rent and deposit for the car.

Our company offers car rental services on the Crimean peninsula.

If you are interested in renting a car in another city, contact us, we will probably be able to rent a car in the city you need.

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