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Lion car rental

Kiev and Dnipro, Lviv and Kharkov, Sharjah and Tbilisi
Yalta and Batumi, Abu-Dhabi and Kutaisi
our representative will soon be in almost all parts of the globe.
Leasing and rental cars

If you are ever faced with a car rental service, you certainly pay attention to the local and international car rental companies. Whole global car rental market is represented by major brands and local companies. We could speak about the undeniable advantages of the global companies in the car rental 10-20 years ago, but now it weight sway and they gradually lose it positions.

Why is that?

It happens because of the rapid development of the Internet. Today, any company, even from the most remote villages, can offer it services, including car rental service. The Internet has given the globalization of virtually every household and if a homeowner is capable of - he will definitely build a global company.

It was different 10-20 years ago., You have to come to pick up your car to the office or the office of the same company. In case you want to find the phone of the company you can receive it the directory, or only at the place of advertising. The Internet make life easier for tourists and car rental. All you need, simply type the phrase in the search box, often gaining: car rental, rent a car, hire and rental of cars and vehicles, adding to the request of the city or country.

About us

The striking example of globalization is the Lion car rental company We started as a small company, but we are represented in 4 countries of the world now, where we have more than 30 offices and distribution points. We have built a great team and a large number of people served In less than 10 years. At least 1 time per hour we give the car to someone.

Our offices

Today, our company offices are represented in Georgia, UAE, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Russia.

Terms of service

To pick up your car anywhere in the world, we ask you to provide your passport and driver's license. Payment for car rental is made in different currencies, as we are in different countries, and we have offices in each country to accept payment in local currency. All car hire prices are presented in Euros, payment is made at the exchange rate on the payment date.

You can view the fleets of our cars, presented in various countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and others.

You can send E-MAIL in any moment

To order a rental car, simply call us or email through the web. Advice you kindly give any of our local offices.