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Lion rent a car - rental conditions

We offer car rental for people who wants to see in car rent alternative to taxi, book a good technically serviceable car at an affordable price, with insurance. We create our company and written terms of rental for these purposes.

Documents for car rent

For car rental you must show the following documents:
1. Passport
2. Driving license - obligatory for foreigners in Latin, in the case of an international driver's license, you must have a national as well
3. The identification code - only for citizens of Ukraine
4. The visa stamp in your passport, immigration card - only for foreigners

Age limits

You must have reached the age of 23 and have a driving experience not less than 3 years-documented: the mark of a driver's license, date of issue of driving license at the time. For cars of Business Class, All road, SUV, Grand SUV - 25 years with at least 5 years driving experience.

Documents for driving a car

Every customer is driving under the contract of rent. On client request we can provide additional checks, registration documents and their copies, receipt voucher.


Each vehicle is insured under CASCO program, from all sorts of damage. "CASCO" - is the availability of insurance upon the occurrence of such cases: car accident, car stealing, illegal actions of third parties, falling items on the car, fire, lightning, damage caused by animals ...
Client's responsibility is limited to the collateral per vehicle regardless of the presence or absence of fault occurrence in a traffic accident. Responsible for all insurance risks except stealing can be reduced by an additional payment to the amount of rental, purchase additional insurance of the car. Concerning on the sum of additional payments ask our operators.

Insurance does not cover any accidents that have occurred in such circumstances:

1. The car is driven by person who is not shown at the contract of rent.
2. The car is driven by a driver in a state of alcohol or drugs.
3. The car is driven by a person without documents of the rent a car or expired documents.
4. The driver of the car disappeared from the place of accident.
5. Accident is not passed registration in the Police and the insurance company.
6. Refuse to conduct a medical examination after the accident - passing medical analysis for alcohol and drugs.
7. Participation on the rental car in races, use the car as a taxi.
8. Transportation of oversized goods which are allowed to transport only in special circumstances or lorries.
9. Water hammer - water ingress into the engine causing the engine jammed.
10. Damage of the wheels are not caused by a traffic accident - a hole, puncture, a bump on the wheel, cut wheel, curvature wheel rim on the car.
11. The accident occurred due to travel by a red traffic light, traffic controller, inhibit signal, railway crossing, crossing the solid line marking moving into oncoming traffic
12. Losing keys, documents, number plates of the car.
Liability insurance is also included in the rental. The insurance covers damages that have resulted in accident, namely damage to cars of other road users or passengers.

Limit on mileage

In case the car rented not more than 7 days the limit is 250 km per day. In case the car is rented for 7 days and more the limited mileage is 100 km per day and is considered a total for the entire rental period. Limitation does not mean the need to clearly move only 100 kilometers per day - for example, if the car is rented for 7 days, the total mileage of 700 km per period. Overmileage paid extra according to the tariffs for overlimit. We also propose 200 km per day limit and non limited kilometers for the 7 days and more rental for the extra payment.

Minimum rental period

We provide car rental for a period of 7 days, our prices are divided in a strict sequence starting from 7 days. Prolongation of rent is also possible for a period of 7 days or more.
The conditions above do not mean that the car can’t take rental for up to 7 days. This is possible, but the price of such rent will be higher.

Order (book) car rental

We work only on request. Minimum period for which you want to place an order - is 3 hours. Orders for cars are accepted only on a class of car. We can consider your wishes in for a particular vehicle, but the order will still be accepted only on the class of car - a particular brand of car you can only know when you order the car today for today.
If the condition of booking on a class of car is not for you and you only want particular car - this is not a problem. For an extra charge, you can order particular car and a specific brand, color and / or license plate number will keep exclusively for you. For the price of this service, contact our operators by phone or through a request on the site.
For bookings the car please prepare passport, driving license. Provide booking procedure by phone or through Internet.

The price for car rent

The price for car rent depends on the class of car, number of days of car rent. The cost of the daily rental includes the following services, regardless of the rental period:
1. Car
2. TW and CDW insurances
3. Taxes and fees
4. Technical maintenance of car
5. Substitution of car in case of breakdown
6. Tires by season

The cost of rent is not included:
1. Washing the car upon delivery of car
2. Fuel during the rental period
3. Deliveries vehicle within the city and Ukraine
4. Payment for irregular time customer service - Late Delivery / renting a car at the weekend

Deposit for the car

Deposit for the car makes exclusively in cash in local currency. Deposit is the guarantee of execution function by client of his obligations to the company and returned to the customer on the fact of delivery of the vehicle. The amount of additional customer payments: for washing of car, missing fuel, rerun, loss of key documents, numbers on the car may be unilaterally withheld from the deposit.
Deposit depends on the car and can be made by blocking funds on a customer credit card.

Car wash

Client is obliged to pass car clean or wash the car to pay according to the prices of the car wash at the time of the vehicle. Washing car is not dry cleaner. If the car is dirty strongly - spilled drinks, traces of ingrained dirt - withheld payment for dry cleaning a car. The cost of cleaning can be increased by 50-100% in the case of return of dirty car midges or resin. The cost of cleaning is 100 - 200 UAH. - depending on the car.

Technical condition and age of cars

All cars are in good condition, properly maintained, equipped with tires due to the season. Cars are held regular maintenance. In the case of requests for a rental car from 3 weeks – the car additionally conducted a comprehensive extraordinary maintenance. About 80% of the fleet - are new cars, this year or cars 1 year old.

Where and how to view our cars

Car rental as a service does not look like a taxi, so we do not have taxi parks, where the cars are presented. With significant park cars, we do not allow layup them, and thus in offices, you are unlikely see parks equal to several football fields in size and clogged cars. In the office, you can see 2 - 3 car brands, rarely 4 - 7. Therefore, the best option of explore the fleet - this is our site.

To order a car rental should be filled on-line form of order car rental on our website.

Car Rental in other cities

Our company offers car rental services in Ukraine. In many regional centers we have our offices, but we are ready to provide a car hire on request, not only in regional centers specified by us, but also in other cities of Ukraine.

Follow the link if you are interested in:

If you are interested in the other car rental any city, please contact us, we can probably provide car hire at the desired city. Or, go to the page where you can find contacts in the city you need.

If you are interested in car rental in any other city, please contact us, we may be able to provide a car hire in your desired city.

To contact the company Lion Car Rentals please call: +380-67-780-86-99 or to ask a question using the feedback form.