Payment online

Rental conditions in UAE

Requirements for drivers, documents

1. Age - at least 21 years
2. For sports class and prestigious cars - 30 years
3. Driving experience - not less than 3 years
4. Original passport
5. The original driver's license
6. The money to pay for the rental and a deposit for the car (if needed)

Limits path

We provide unrestricted, unlimited mileage on the rental period on all vehicles in our fleet

Working Time Office, delivery and reception of the car out of the office and in the after hours

Our office is open daily from 09 am to 19 pm, on holidays or after hours will be charged an additional charge for receipt / delivery of the vehicle - from 10 euro (one-time payment, instead of daily).

Upon receipt and / or delivery of the vehicle out of the office will be charged for delivery / selection of the car - from 10 euro.

Obtaining or renting a car at the airport - the airport tax is paid and airport parking service - from 20 euro.

Payment for the rental car

We accept cash as well as credit cards Visa, Mastercard. Payment is made in national currency - dirhams.

Penalties police, illegal parking

Staff may require you to pay fines imposed by the police, including through automatic radars and for parking, at the time of the vehicle. Please pay them. Failure to pay these fines would be an obstacle to leaving the country.


All the vehicles in our fleet are new, have a working air conditioner.


Every car is insured. In the event of a traffic accident - call the police and follow its recommendations. Liability is limited to the size of the tenant a deposit for the vehicle, unless you have purchased additional insurance.